Magix Fastcut Video Review

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Magix Fastcut Video Review

Magix Fastcut is a faced paced, constructive video editor for amateur and sports videographers alike who are looking to quickly edit and publish footage directly from their actioncams.

I would like to begin by thanking both Jake Van Ness of Graphic Precision and Nova Fisher of Magix for the opportunity to test and review this fascinating product. Please note that Magix Fastcut is currently only available for PC, but don't let that deter you from trying it out. For the full review, please check out the attached video review for all of Fastcut's features and a hands on look at the product and its capabilities.


Installation was pretty straight forward, and came bundled with an optional computer cleaner. For those of you looking to install Fastcut only, please be sure to read all prompts and unclick any unnecessary installs. Following installation, you will be prompted to register the product, which also includes creating a username and password for free access to MAGIX Online World. MAGIX online world offers a variety of additional services that are web based and come free of charge with your purchase. These services include Magix Online Album, Magix website maker, and 10 gigabytes of online storage for your photos and video uploads. For more information on these services, please visit Magix Online.

Initial Thoughts

Upon first opening Magix Fastcut editing software, I was offered a welcome screen with options to watch a video introduction, load a video, or create a new one. Once I began a new project, I was offered an option to review and import footage automatically, and then the fun begins. I was offered an option to automatically allow Fastcut to edit, clip, and output a video ready for upload by choosing one of the many template options available, as well as an option to disregard the template completely and work from scratch. At first I was skeptical of the program's ability to edit down my clips, but upon opening the template I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the computed result was. Of course, editing is half the fun of shooting in my opinion, so I wanted to see what other options I had at my disposal.

Ease of Use

Magix Fastcut makes it easy for both amateur and professional editors to quickly manipulate video clips, and includes standard options for sound adjustment, background tracks, color correction, titling, and clip speed adjustment. All options are easily accessed in the top right hand corner with bold buttons and helpful tooltips on hover. To make it even better, magix offers batch operations that allow editors to apply effects or transitions to multiple clips simultaneously, as well as offering more advanced video correction features such as auto image rotation, image stabilization, and lens correction for popular GoPro camera settings.


Unfortunately, for hardcore editors or individuals looking for precise control over their clips, Magix Fastcut comes up short in delivering keyframed effects and advanced audio transitions and correction. Video capture is not available on import, and video output is limited when saving to your computer, offering limited support for precise video resizing and output codecs (MPEG-4 or WMV standard).

Final Thoughts

For amateurs or those looking to expand their video knowledge with little or no editing background, Magix delivers a powerful array of tools to make even the least tech savvy individuals feel comfortable sharing their outdoor adventures with the world. With automatic outputs for mobile devices and popular social media sites like youtube, making premium quality video montages has never been easier. Both new and experienced editors will find a healthy dose of editing tools at their disposal, and turning out a finished piece is as simple as a few choice clicks and uploading the finished movie. Those looking for advanced editing tools or the flexibility of multiple output codecs will need to stick to pricier editing software.

Magix Fastcut editing software is currently available on Magix's website for $49.99.

If you're looking to try it out for yourself, I have provided a link to a trial download:

Magix Fastcut Trial
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