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Magix Video Pro X7 with Mercalli V4 Plugins

Don't miss out on this extensive new plugin integration from the creators of ProDad Mercalli and Magix Video Production Suite.

Magix has teamed up with the brilliant minds behind ProDad Mercalli to bring the public a simple slider based solution to one of the most daunting video tracking tasks out there. If you're familiar with GoPro action cams or any sport based action cam that can record sd, hd, or 4K video, you've probably run across a myriad of post production hiccups. These hiccups are the result of shifting paradigms in exponentially expanding consumer videographer market. Traditionally, digital cameras utilized the power of CCD sensors to capture light into still images. Today, more and more electronics companies are making the switch to CMOS sensors to accomplish the same task. Where these CMOS sensors excel is power consumption and size, at the cost of image clarity, although great bounds have been made to narrow the gap in the last decade.

Do I have a CMOS sensor?

Due to the relative low cost and minimal performance impact on modern video technology, CMOS sensors have quickly risen to stardom over their CCD counterparts. If you have a digital camera on your cell phone, DSLR camera, action cam, or consumer grade camcorder, you most likely have a CMOS sensor.

When should I use this plugin?

If you've ever shot action footage with a modern day camcorder, action cam, or DSLR, Magix's plugin for ProDAD Mercalli V4 is an absolute must in producing professional, stabilized footage while also fixing CMOS distortion. All of this can be accomplished without resorting to downresing your HD footage with a minimal impact to overall image quality. The ProDAD Mercalli V4 plugin effectively eliminates and suppresses jitter, wobble, shake, and skew from your existing footage while also stabilizing handheld or action cam style shots. This is accomplished in part due to mathematical compensation through the plugin that accounts for CMOS distortions based on individual camera profiles, and then by utilizing this information to calculate further image stabilization.

The Pros

When compared to unprocessed action cam or handheld footage, it's immediately apparent that Magix and ProDAD Mercalli V4 excel at offering powerful tracking and stabilization software in one combined package. Magix' plugin for ProDAD Mercalli V4 is lightweight, easy to use, and produces professional results without extensive additional tweaking, calculation, or preparation for on the fly editing. Coming prepacked with Magix Video Pro X7 offers an initial savings of almost $300 dollars on the two packages sold separately, making this a bargain well worth the initial investment.

The Cons

Initial installation can be somewhat confusing relative to install location, adding additional plugins, and key activation. After a few attempts at locating the plugins folder and installing the plugin, activation was relatively simple with the click of a few boxes. Once activated, it was somewhat disappointing to see a clear lack of functionality for advanced image manipulation and processing that is present in the standalone program offered here. Regardless, those users looking for a production oriented, time constrained solution to CMOS sensor distortion and image stabilization will be hard pressed to find an easier to use plugin.

In Summary

Magix and ProDad have come together to release what is undoubtedly a new standard in prosumer editing products. Combining speed, efficiency, and an intuitive user interface, Magix Video Pro X7 and ProDAD Mercalli V4 offer both new and returning video editors a refreshing look at video editing. Packed full of features and reasonably priced to boot, this editing suite provides familiar, easy to use tools that both consumers and professionals can appreciate for a price that won't break the bank.

I'd like to thank the crew at Magix for providing the opportunity to review this plugin package. For more information on features and purchasing options, please click here to visit ProDAD's Mercalli V4 Page or click here to download a trial of Magix Video Pro X7 from the Magix website.

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