Saratoga Mortgage Co, Inc.

Responsive, Mobile Ready Web Site Design

1. Case study

Saratoga Mortgage Co., Inc. began as a redesign project for a pre-existing Wordpress website with over 100 pages. Due to the inconsistencies present in the current menu design and overall page organization, the site was best fitted for a complete redesign, focusing primarily on page organization, consolidation, presentation, and responsive behavior.

2. Result

Almost non of the pre-existing code was integrated into the new site, which consolidated the existing site structure down to just under 50 pages of organized content. A horizontal navigation grid was introduced that grouped pages by category and allowed for a fluid mobile experience without compromising content.

3. Experience

Consolidation and restructuring for Saratoga Mortgage Co., Inc. offered a refreshing design flow that integrated modern technology and advancements in web design to deliver a concise, multi-faceted web solution without compromising a pleasing visual design or mobile integration.
Project Details

Client: Saratoga Mortgage Co., Inc.

Launch Date: February, 2014

Online: Client Retired 2016

Weeks to Completion
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